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462 - Thinking Like an In-House Lawyer (1 hour)
Law firms that represent business entities must understand the needs and expectations of those entities to succeed. Many such entities have in-house lawyers who, among other things, manage those entities' relationships with law firms, so the expectations and wishes of those in-house lawyers will ultimately determine the success of the law firms with which they work. This course will introduce you to the world of corporate law departments and in-house lawyers. What perspective do in-house lawyers apply to their companies' law-related problems and issues? How do they work with and manage external resources such as law firms? We'll speak with current and former in-house lawyers and we'll cover the scope of the role of in-house lawyers and corporate law departments, how their presence has impacted the legal profession and how their perspectives will continue to shape how lawyers, both in-house and outside the client organization, can better serve that organization by delivering legal service of higher value to the business.