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410 - Trade and Development Clinic (2 hours)*

The Trade and Development Clinic is a transaction focused clinical offering that provides students a forum to identify, practice and refine the following skills: * Recognizing and applying core business law concepts * Reviewing and drafting contracts * Understanding international transactions and financing * Client interviewing and advising * Practicing with cultural competency We will work with cooperatives, development intermediaries and NGO's in Central America or Mexico to assist them in navigating the legal and business issues that come up when exporting products to the U.S. or accessing capital from the U.S.. Our principal focus will be small hold farmers and the entities that support them. This iexperiential course that places students into supervised practice. As part of our work, you will have the option to travel to work directly with our clients in Latin America. Locations will be in Mexico or Central America. C - LAW 411.
* This course may be offered for 3 hours during some years.